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Wedding in St Barts

The dream location

Wedding in St Barts

Dreaming of an idyllic wedding in St Barths on a heavenly beach? Welcome to Gyp Sea Beach, the private beach of Gyp Sea Hotel !

Get Married on a Private Beach

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Saint Jean

Located on the paradise-like Pelican Beach, Gyp Sea opens its doors to you in its bohemian chic lair on the edge of a blue lagoon ocean and a stretch of white sand.

The Gyp Sea team welcomes you with an ultra-personalized service, in order to make your event the best day of your life.

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A Custom Tailored D-Day

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Saint Jean

Escape the traditional wedding framework for a ceremony that truly reflects who you are... Freely reinvent your commitment celebration! Make an unforgettable entrance in a mini moke, enjoy reimagined speeches from your loved ones that will take you from laughter to tears, follow a path of dried flowers leading to a waterfront altar, under a beautifully flowered arch, or even have a colorful balloon release set to the tune of your first meeting... Whatever your desires, we listen and do everything in our power to make your dream a reality.

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Wedding reception

Tailor-made weeding in St-barth

Madam's favorite flowers subtly scent the venue while Sir's favorite jazz quintet strikes up the first chords for an original and successful opening dance...


The wedding ceremony

St Barth dream

As a couple, alone in the world, at sunset on the paradisiacal Shell Beach, in the tropical gardens of Gyp Sea Hotel with your friends and family, or in a small group on the terrace in one of our private villas overlooking Flamands Bay, we will give the most beautiful day of your life the atmosphere you imagine : magical, intimate, romantic, or majestic.