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Day Off in the sun at Gyp Sea Beach

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Saint Jean

A stylish, bohemian beach club located at the sublime Pelican beach, Gyp Sea Beach is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing break.


Gyp Sea Beach

An idyllic day off

As the day advances, new delights unfold in this place where time paradoxically seems to stand still.


Swim, Shop, and Relax

Morning in St jean

10 a.m.

I arrive at the beach. After choosing the perfect deckchair, as close to the water as possible so that I can hear the waves lapping, I order a fresh green juice to start the day off with a detox. A moment of bliss that bodes well for the day ahead.

10:30 a.m.

I go for a swim in the translucent blue lagoon at Pelican beach. The water is thecolour of aquamarine and the beach feels like paradise.

12 a.m.

A quick stop at the beach bazaar shop. I browse through the carefully selected gypset treasures: a beautiful swimming costume by Tatiane de Freitas, a precious Hand So On kimono, a large, embroidered Gyp Sea hat by Kilometre Paris..

Afternoon in St Jean

Chill, Eat & Drink

3 p.m.

Time for a nap. I chill out under the parasol, watching the planes flying over thebay. A sight to behold !

4:30 p.m.

To wake myself up, I eat a home-made rum-banana popsicle, my favourite flavour, on my deckchair.

5 p.m.

It's time for a little exercise! I go paddle boarding in the bay, and decide that tomorrow I'll probably treat myself to a massage...

6 p.m.

The day has flown by. It's the golden hour before the sun goes down. I order a Porn Star Martini and look up at the sky, which turns yellow, pink and orange, the colours of my passion fruit-based cocktail.

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