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Festive Birthday Party in St Jean

Your dream event, our expertise

Festive Birthday Party in St Jean

Organize a tailor-made event for your birthday in Saint-Barth. Our Beach Club and its team welcome you to make you live an extraordinary moment.

Whatever the type of private event you wish to organize: Festive birthday party with DJ, intimate evening with friends or a large family reception, wedding anniversary, renewal of vows... we take care of all the organization.

The Ultimate Beach Side Celebration

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Saint Jean

Our Beach Club, located in the heart of St. Jean, offers a one-of-a-kind experience for your special day. With the azure sea as your backdrop and the golden sands beneath your feet, you're in for an extraordinary celebration.

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Privatize Gyp Sea Beach

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Saint Jean

Whether you're planning a high-energy birthday bash with a DJ spinning your favorite tracks, an intimate evening with close friends, or a grand family reception, our venue is versatile enough to accommodate all your needs. We also specialize in milestone events like wedding anniversaries and vow renewals.

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Elevate Your Birthday with a Festive Twist

Memorable Birthday in St Jean

Elevate Your Birthday with a Festive Twist: Experience the vibrant spirit of St-Barths with a live DJ to set the mood. Celebrate your special day with unparalleled elegance and joy, making your birthday not just memorable, but truly iconic in the heart of paradise.


Bohemian Birthday Bash

Sublime Celebrations on Private Sands

Step onto Gyp Sea's private beach in Saint Barth and immerse yourself in a bohemian birthday dream. With a harmonious blend of white and blue, our boho-themed celebrations capture the essence of free spirit and elegance. Let the gentle waves be your backdrop as you revel in a setting that's as unique as you are. Celebrate in style, celebrate at Gyp Sea.