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Gourmet Breakfast in your Villa

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Saint Jean

The essence of a luxurious vacation in St. Barts can be captured by the exceptional breakfast service provided in its high-end beach houses.


Exceptional Delivery Service

A Curated Breakfast Experience

Imagine waking up to the soft rustle of palm leaves and the gentle sound of waves, only to be greeted by a breakfast spread fit for royalty. Freshly baked viennoiseries like croissants and pains au chocolat offer a taste of French sophistication. These are perfectly complemented by a colorful array of tropical fruits such as papaya, melon, and sun-kissed pineapple. Tying it all together are the homemade jams, crafted from locally sourced or garden-fresh fruits, bringing an authentic touch to your morning.

What makes the experience truly luxurious is the impeccable delivery service. Your curated breakfast is brought directly to your door, allowing you to savor these culinary delights in the privacy of your beach house, perhaps even as you lounge by your private pool.


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