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The beaches of St Barths

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St Barts

Radiant sunshine, exquisitely warm water, golden beach, gentle trade winds... A little convertible to go from beach to beach.


Shell Beach

A Hidden Gem

If you're a shell collector, this is the beach for you. Located within walking distance from Gustavia, the island's capital, Shell Beach is a small but charming spot. The beach is covered in beautiful shells, and the sunsets here are truly magical.


St. Jean Beach

A Secluded Paradise

t. Jean Beach is a must-visit destination on the island for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike. Known for its calm, turquoise waters and golden sands, it's an ideal spot for families and couples. The beach naturally divides into two sections, allowing visitors to choose between a bustling area filled with activities and a more tranquil zone for relaxation.

A Secluded Paradise

Gouverneur Beach

For those seeking a more secluded experience, Gouverneur Beach is the perfect destination. Accessible only by a winding road, this beach offers privacy and tranquility. The clear blue waters are ideal for snorkeling, and the surrounding cliffs provide a stunning backdrop.