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To preserve the quality of our environment and limit the impact of our tourism activities, Gyp Sea St Barth is committed to tourism that respects nature, people and the land that welcomes us. We have set ourselves a number of concrete objectives in four areas :

- Sustainable management
- Social economy
- Cultural heritage
- Environmental protection

We are firmly committed to adopting sustainable practices for a better future.

Sustainable Management

In our Gyp Sea facilities, we have implemented a sustainable management plan that is reflected in our daily practices.For example, we encourage our clients and staff to participate in sports by organizing monthly activities that promote well-being and team cohesion. We use local materials for our buildings, reducing our carbon footprint while supporting the economy of Saint-Barthélemy. In addition, we provide ongoing training for our employees to ensure high customer satisfaction and strict legal compliance.Every aspect of our communication is carefully controlled to ensure accuracy and transparency.

Social Economy

We are deeply committed to community development and supporting the local economy.
We showcase local talent by exhibiting the work of Saint-Barthélemy artists and hosting Caribbean sports teams. We work with the Red Cross to redistribute unused linens, providing invaluable assistance to those most in need. Our commitment to local producers is demonstrated by our sourcing of local produce and our active support of local entrepreneurs. By participating in cultural events such as the Saint-Barth Carnival or the Cata Cup, we help to preserve and promote local culture.
We also promote local and fair trade, strengthening the economic vitality of our community.

Cultural heritage

Preserving Saint-Barthélemy's cultural heritage is one of our core concerns. We protect the surrounding natural sites, in particular by looking after the local turtles that inhabit our sites. Our rooms and reception areas are home to historical artefacts, enabling our guests to discover and appreciate the island's cultural richness. In addition, we cultivate plants endemic to the Lesser Antilles in our gardens, helping to preserve local biodiversity and offering our guests an authentic natural setting. Our concierge service also offers a wide range of activities and experiences linked to the environment or local culture, enabling our guests to fully immerse themselves in the authenticity of Saint-Barthélemy.

The environment

Our environmental commitments are reflected in concrete actions aimed at reducing our ecological impact.
We have put in place measures to reduce our water and energy consumption, notably by using low-energy LEDs and encouraging our customers not to change their sheets or towels on a daily basis.
We favour responsible purchasing, opting for organic or eco-certified products for cleaning and catering, or through our Pure Altitude spa, which uses plant-based beauty products. We have also eliminated single-use plastics in favor of eco-responsible packaging.
Our waste management includes an in-room sorting system, making our guests aware of the importance of recycling.

Every day, the Gyp Sea St Barth team, led by the Sibuet family, works passionately to achieve high standards of sustainability. Our mission of hospitality, our 5-star rating and our exceptional location in Saint-Barthélemy motivate us to constantly act in favor of nature and local culture. With constant curiosity, creativity and open-mindedness, we strive to offer our guests an unforgettable stay while preserving this little piece of paradise for future generations. Together, we're building a more sustainable and responsible future for Saint-Barthélemy.

Our reservation agents are at your disposal to organize the stay of your dreams.